About Our Team

Mr. Euric Carter has an impressive background in the dental industry. Over 25 years of experience in dental technology and has owned Carter Dental Studio for over 15 years. He brings vast knowledge in all facets of restoration fabrication and has experience performing all phases of removable prostheses as well as working with multiple types of attachments.

Mr. Carter received his degree in Dental Laboratory Technology and his certification as an instructor in the field of Dental Laboratory Technology from the School of Health Care Science while in The United States Air Force.

Mr. Carter also has a background in crown and bridge which facilitate the lab in the production of a more aesthetic combination case.

Team Manager:
Liesel Nathaniel has been in customer service for many years and over the last decade has been working with team members at Carter Dental Studio, exercising the skills she’s acquired over the years to the benefit of our customers and their patients alike.

Liesel has been with Carter Dental as Team Manager since 1997 and has an in-depth knowledge of our products and procedures, and oversees all aspects of our Sales and Marketing functions at the laboratory. Liesel knows firsthand how important it is to process orders correctly and efficiently when they arrive—as well as when they leave—the laboratory.

We employ a team of highly skilled technicians with a range of experience that will allow Carter Dental Studio to efficiently meet all your individual business needs.

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