Products & Services:

From our choice of superior quality materials such as Heraeus Kulzer, Dentsply or Ivoclar teeth to the many quality checks each product receives. Our dentures are designed to heighten your patient’s sense of well being and complement their appearance. With our technician’s expertise and design we can make even the most complex cases from full dentures to combination cases.

Partial Denture
Our partial denture frames receive the same quality and care as our full dentures. The choice of the finest materials and the quality of our designs, make our partials stand out from the competition.

Flexible Partials
Partials are designed for maximum flexibility while maintaining a balance between retention, support and stability without the use of metal framework. These partials are light weight and flexible and are more comfortable to wear. A partial that is strong and flexible and practically unbreakable.

Mouth Guards / Thermo Guards/ Hard Night Guards/ Sports Guards
We fabricate a variety of occlusal guards and bite splints that are right for your patients, including upper and lower, hard or soft.

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